Founders Farm Summit

Wright County, Iowa

"No sane farmer would lose one good weather harvest day to show San Francisco 'techies' around their operation."

Welcome to Founders Farm Summit. What started as a meme, then a group text, then 3B of market cap showing up in Iowa one year, has now celebrated three annual summits. Ride in a combine, drive the tractor, shoot guns, eat incredible barbecue, fly an 80MPH drone, see the behind the scenes of what makes America the global hegemon. And do it with a great group of people.

No investors. IPO startups, late stage private, early all attend.

Want to join in 2024? Contact Joseph / referral from a prior attendee.


  • 🛬 Land at Des Moines International Airport. There's a t-shirt about it being international.
  • 🍂 Fall welcome party, catered by Flying Mango. Guy Fieri went here.
  • 🍸 Cocktails in Des Moines. An elitist tech cocktail Twitter was impressed with this spot.

  • 🇪🇸 Visit Madrid, Iowa en route to the farm. You'll have incredible barbecue.
  • 🚜 Farm. Rotate among five locations and three machines: combine, tractor/grain cart, semi truck, ripper, and grain elevator. Watch this video.
  • 🍻 Enjoy a microbrew. This place confuses the locals because it serves beer but not food.
  • 👤 Evening at "shouse." That's a shed house.

  • 🏹 Shoot guns and bow and arrow.
  • 🛫 Depart Sunday afternoon. There's a 4:10 to SFO.